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“Aluminium offers greater strength to weight ratio then steel!”

Aluminium is typically perceived as not as strong as steel, but if used correctly and at the right structural grade it can offer a great strength to weight ratio. This is where aluminium machine trailers are a great viable option when tow weight is an issue.

You always need to consider the load and tow capacity of your vehicle when towing and aluminium offers a great option. To give you an example an aluminium trailer can be built and structurally rated to 2800kg and only physically weigh unladen approx. 440kg (tare). You may also be interested in our Trailer Mass Weight Blog


What does this mean for the end user? It means that put simply you have the capacity to carry (payload) up to 2360kg. This gives you more flexibility on what you load and reduces the excess dead weight when towing a steel trailer.

On top of its great weight to strength capacity aluminium also has great anti corrosive properties and proves to be a great long term option when it comes to trailers. Why you ask? Aluminium is easy to maintain, there is no paint chips to repair and no rust to contest with.

Aluminium proves a popular material for the construction of commercial trailers and equipment trailers. Aluminium is a very popular material to use for boat trailers, excavator trailers to suit small excavators and custom trailers.

Aluminium is a superior product when used correctly and welded by skilled professionals.

Consider your options when your next in the market and maybe an alloy trailer is the best option for you.



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