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Reliable Mower Trailers – JTF Aluminium Trailer

Like the smell of a freshly cut lawn on a summers day, it makes sense to pair your safe and efficient Zero Turn Mower with a reliable purpose built Jimboomba Trailer. Aluminium Trailer

So you have done your research and you agree that Zero Turn mowers are faster, safer, more efficient and more comfortable than any other design. You know they come in every size and capacity, suited to any particular situation. Whether that is a suburban house block, rural property, commercial mowing, turf and irrigation or council and government parklands.

So now it’s time to do some investigation on how you are going to get your Zero Turn mower to site. This is where Jimboomba Trailers and Fabrication (JTF) come into it. Why not pair your safe and efficient Zero Turn Mower with a reliable, purpose built trailer, it just makes sense. JTF have a long history of suppling quality built trailers to suit the commercial and landscaping industry.

Aluminium Trailer, now that makes sense.

Not every Contractor Landscaper is the same. Not every job is the same, just like not every Zero Turn Mower is the same. Therefore we are not an off the shelf manufacturer, with a one size fits all attitude.

JTF have a number of base option trailers to suit the Zero Turn mower in steel and aluminium, all of which can be customised to suit your needs. One of our many offerings are the Aluminium 2.8T Mower Trailer. This easy to use versatile trailer is popular with contractors and councils alike for its durability, ease of loading and functionality.

This trailer has a GTM of 2800kg with a payload capacity of approx. 2120kg, which will give you plenty of capacity to add additional extras, like lockable toolboxes, jerry can holders, hedge and whipper snipper storage plus safety signage racking.

It features our trademark form bent chassis, which offers exceptional strength and longevity, a full aluminium tread plate floor, ladder style fixed loading ramps and a usable load area of 3mx2m, crucial to suiting most Zero Turn options.  For your next aluminium trailers give us a call and we will be happy to discuss pricing options to suit your configuration.

Check out our feature article in Landscape Contractor

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