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Trailer Brakes??


Does your trailer need brakes?

Electric /over ride /both or just one axle?????

Does it seem confusing?

Legal requirements for Australia can become confusing to some.

There is legislation (VSB01) governing the design regulations for Trailers.


Here is an exert from the Transport Department website regarding custom trailer brakes.

  • Heavy Duty Trailers having only a single axle and a GTM not exceeding 750kg do not require brakes. Trailers of GTM over 750kg must have brakes. Trailers of GTM over 750kg and not exceeding 2000kg must have braking on the wheels of at least one axle. Trailers of GTM over 2000kg must have braking on all wheels.
  • Over-ride brakes may be used on trailers of GTM up to and including 2000kg.
  • Trailers of GTM over 2000kg must have brakes operated from the driver’s seated position. Over-ride brakes are not permitted. These trailers must have a breakaway system by which the brakes are automatically applied if the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle.

This being understood, trailers that you might purchase, these above guide lines can be of use to check and make sure your trailer complies with all laws regarding brakes for your trailer and also making sure you have the right towing capacity of your vehicle as well

That being said if you have electric brakes fitted to your trailer (must be fitted to all trailers over 2000kgs GTM) you must also have the required electric brake controller fitted to your vehicle.

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